Sunday, 26 September 2010

FujiFilm S1500 FinePix Camera Review

This is a review of the FujiFilm S1500 it is a camera just like a DSLR but without the option to change the lenses so I would probably say that this Camera is a great camera for starters with a camera . Here is a list of the Specs :

Zoom : 12 X Optical Zoom
10 Mega Pixel Camera
10 Modes
2.7 inch LCD Monitor

Thats all for my short review of the FujiFilm S1500 I give it a

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Sony has closed a loophole which allowed Playstation 3 users hack the System to play Pirated games on it. This update blocks the newly released hacks PSJailbreak and PSGroove . Sony had previously won a court battle against PSJailbreak blocking the distribution of their Dongle Stick. The PSJailbreak was the first and only Hack to be made for the Playstation 3 which Hackers have been struggling to Hack due to it's security features.
The release of this update has caused shockwaves through the gaming community with some agreeing with Sony but some criticising the Update.
Sony have not Issued a comment on this Update.